100W ETFE semi flexible solar panel

100W ETFE semi flexible solar  panel

Päikesepaneel, 100W ETFE semi flexible solar  panel

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Päikesepaneel, 100W ETFE semi flexible solar  panel


  • Grade A solar cells and thin film ETFE lamination ensure a high efficiency and the most reliable quality..

  • Monocrystalin cells with up to 17.7% efficiency.

  • The laminating material that we use is Anti-Seawater-Corrosion, and especially suitable for building Marine Solar Panels; for use on seacraft – boats, yachts, etc.

  • The Solarfam Flexible Solar Panels provide a certain versatility that just cannot be achieved by Glass Solar Panels. Their lightweight and flexible characteristics provide seamless integration onto your vehicle.

  • Seacraft: Boats, Yachts, Cruisers, and houseboats.

  • Land Vehicles: Caravans, RVs, Motorhomes, Trailers, 4×4, etc.

  • Aluminum Semi-Flexible Solar Panel ,PET Laminated Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

  • Assembled from an Aluminum Back Sheet and PET laminated Solar Cells.

  • Specification:



    Model SZ-100-33MFE
    Nominal Power  100W
    Cell type Moncrystalline
    Number of cells in series 33
    Maximum Power current(Imp) 5.99A
    Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) 16.7V
    Open-circuit Voltage(Voc) 19.7V
    Short-circuit Current(Isc) 6.51A
    Dimension 515*1225*3mm
    Weight 3.5kg
    Output tolerance +3%
    Product warranty 5 years


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