20W käsigeneraator, USB väljund

20W käsigeneraator, USB väljund

20W käsigeneraator, USB väljund

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20W käsigeneraator, USB väljund

Elektrigeneraator - hädajuhtumiteks, matkale, paati. 


Voltage/Current: 3V/6.6A, 5V/4A,6V/3.3A, 9V/2.2A,12V/1.6A, 15V/1.3A
Manual crank generator, a nice helper under emergent circumstances.
Energy saving, environmental friendly, and it is with many interface type.
Multifunctional, can charge for cellphone, USB nightlight, USB fan, power bank.
Metal outer case more durable, anti-slip foot pad more stable, high quality bearing, effortless and time-saving.
Small and exquisite, convenient to assembly, easy to carry, and with internal power storage function.

Item Name: Hand-cranked Generator
Material: Steel
Size: 195mm x 170mm x 90mm/7.68" x 6.69" x 3.54" (Approx.)

Weight: 270 g