Aku AGM 12V 100Ah

Aku AGM 12V 100Ah

Aku AGM 12V 100Ah

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Aku AGM 12V 100Ah

Mõõdud: 320x172x220mm

Kaal 30 kg

BTL batteries are ideally suited to use in:

಺ Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS-s)

಺ Telecommunications systems

಺ Fire alarm and safety systems

಺ Medical equipment

಺ Photovoltaic application

಺ Emergency lighting systems
Advantage of BTL batteries:

಺ Absolutely maintenance-free

಺ High recombination in cycle activity

಺ Valve-regulated plastic container as overload protection 

಺ Excellent high-current capability

಺ Classified as non-dangerous in accordance with IATA

಺ Long service life of approx. 10 years

಺ Cycle-resistant (more than 500 recharging/discharging cycles up to 50% DOD)

಺ Robust construction

಺ Location-independent