Kollektor AMX 2m2

Kollektor  AMX 2m2

Kollektor  AMX 2m2

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Collector AMX 2.0
Laius 1067 mm
Pikkus 1907 mm
Paksus 90 mm
Type The AMX 2.0 flat fluid collector –
Application Aid in preparing hot utility water
Aid in floor heating
Aid in swimming pool heating
Length 1907 mm
Width 1067 mm
Height 90 mm
Weight 34,7 kg
Surface areas:
Gross area 2,03 m2
Aperture area 1,84 m2
Absorber area 1,84 m2
Material of the frame Aluminum (without welds)
Sealing material Glue
Collector bottom:
Material 0,4 mm thick aluminum sheet
Material Harp-copper, fin-aluminium
Thickness 0,3 mm
Selective layer High-selective
Absorption rate 0,95 ± 0,01
Emission rate 0,05 ± 0,02
Absorber capacity 1,31 l
Heat transfer fluid Propylene glycol + water mix /
glycerine + water mix
Flow form Double harp
Longitudinal pipes of the absorber 10 x Ø8 x 0,5 mm
Collective pipes 2 x Ø22 x 1,0 mm
Number of connections 2
Type Solar glass
Thickness 4 mm
Transmission rate 0,915
Heat insulation:
Material Mineral wool
Thickness 40 mm
Additional data:
Stagnation temperature 142,76 oC
Max. working pressure 10 bar
Efficiency η0 80,2 %
Micro-ventilation Yes
Recommended flow 25-60 l/m2 x h
Connection in the first row To 7 collectors (recommended to 5)
Available colours: Natural aluminum colour
Assembly options: Roof, Terrace, Foundation, Wall